DEHNbloc Maxi CI protects switchgear installations

The user-friendly DEHNbloc Maxi CI type 1 lightning current arrester with integrated backup fuse protects installations from the effects of direct lightning strikes and surges.

Fields of application:

  • Industrial plants: Nominal voltage of 400/690 V a.c.
  • Chemical industry: IT systems with nominal voltages of 500 V a.c.
  • Wind energy: Protection of the low-voltage side of the transformer
  • Photovoltaic systems: Protection of the a.c. side of central inverters

Application benefits:

Space-saving! DEHNbloc Maxi CI requires up to 60% less space than a conventional solution.

No external arrester backup fuse! Since no external arrester backup fuse is required, shorter cable lengths are ensured.

Time and cost-saving! Installation costs are reduced due to the considerably reduced installation effort.

User-friendly! The integrated backup fuse is adapted to the surge protective device.

Standard-compliant! Shorter connecting cable lengths are possible since no external backup fuse is required. This makes it easier to fulfil the requirements of the IEC 60364-5-53 standard and the protective effect is significantly improved.


DEHNbloc Maxi CI



Installation examples:  
Montage auf der Hutschiene
Installation by simply snapping the arrester onto a DIN rail.
 Montage auf Montageplatte
Installation on a mounting plate by means of 2 mounting brackets (included in delivery).