Handouts and catalogues in the field of surge protection, lightning protection and safety equipment

Here you find documents, brochures, selection guides, white papers and technical articles on general topics, our products and services as well as industry-specific applications and solutions.


Supplement catalogue "Lightning Protection/Earthing" PDF 4.1 MB

contains Earth Electrodes, Earth Pits, Plates, Clamps, Bonds, Lightning Conductors, Conductor Holders, Bimetallic Components, Equipotential Bonding, Air-termination Rods and Systems, Reinforcement Technology



General survey 
Brochures on general topics / Certificates
General brochures e.g. DEHN protects, When lightning strikes (tips on how to protect yourself in a thunderstorm) as well as certificates concerning environmental and quality management.

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General topics
Product information
Brochures, selection guides and technical articles on surge protection (power supply and data systems), lightning protection, earthing, safety equipment and the DEHNsupport Toolbox software.

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Industry solutions and applications
Solutions for specific industries and applications such as residential and functional buildings, power supply and safety systems, mobile radio stations, railway systems and process industry.

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White papers
Wide range of practical examples on lightning and surge protection measures and describe the use of our products based on concrete applications.

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Main catalogues
Latest catalogues for lightning protection / earthing, surge protection and safety equipment.

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