Radio base station - a.c. power supply

Protection of the radio base station

As a rule, the radio base station is supplied via a separate power line - independent of the rest of the building. The supply line to the cell site downstream of the meter and in the AC sub-distribution board upstream of the radio base station should be protected by appropriate lightning current and surge arresters.

Prevent nuisance tripping of system fuses

The infrastructure in main and system power supplies is protected by tried and tested combined arresters (combined lightning current and surge arresters).

DEHN combined arresters have an extremely high follow current extinction and limitation. This avoids nuisance tripping of system fuses which would disconnect cell sites. For you, this means especially high system availability.

Space-saving thanks to compact design

Full performance over a width of only 4 standard modules! With its compact design, DEHNvap has a total current of 100 kA (10/350µs). With these performance parameters, it is currently the smallest combined arrester on the market.

This device meets the maximum requirements for the lightning current discharge capacity according to IEC EN 60364-5-53 and the IEC EN 62305 requirements concerning the class of LPS I/II.

Through-wiring can be easily achieved e.g. by means of STAK 25.

Universally applicable - Independent of the feederNew space-saving design

DEHNvap CSP is specially developed for requirements in the mobile radio sector. This arrester can be used universally regardless of the feeder. Its 3+1 circuit allows reliable protection of TN-S and TT systems.


Protection concept for a radio base station

Product overview

DEHNvap - Kombiableiter zum Schutz von Mobilfunkanlagen

A - DEHNvap

Protection of the power supply
Combined arrester for three-phase TT and TNS systems ("3+1" circuit) for protecting the 230 V power supply of cell sites.

Product details

DEHNvap - Kombiableiter zum Schutz von Mobilfunkanlagen

B - DEHNgate

Protection of coaxial connection technology
Maintenance-free combined arrester for multi-frequency applications.

Product details



Easier planning

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